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There are presently no open calls for submissions.

Fatal Flaw is an international online magazine publishing unexpected, topical writing and photography that considers the world through a cracked lens. Show us the fatal flaw and the beauty inherent within it.

We welcome submissions from writers of all backgrounds – from the emerging and unpublished to the established – and especially encourage submissions from those who identify as persons of color, multiracial, indigenous, LGBTQIA+, disabled, and anyone belonging to a community of underrepresented voices. 

Submissions now open - Vol. 7

Submissions period: June 24th to July 31st

Theme: WILD

The wild is out there: rugged places teem with wild animals. But the wild is also in you: your wild ideas, your wild instincts. Being wild means breaking away, breaking free, or just breaking.

So often, we work to suppress the presence and influence of the wild: in our cities, in our relationships, in our own persons. The wild is fenced off from the tamed, the orderly, and disciplined. But what happens when those fences break—when we tap into those forces and unleash their power? Think of cities of concrete and steel and the weeds that grow through cracks. Think of your wildest dream and what stops you from living it. Think of the parts of yourself that you’ve abandoned or have not yet explored.

For Volume 7, we want to know what wild means to you. Show us work that hatches. Give us your gritty images, your instinctive prose, your ferocious verse that breaks open the page to expose its wild, beating heart. Let your imagination go to seed and find the hidden truths buried in the overgrowth. We can’t wait to take a walk on the wild side with you.

Fatal Flaw Literary Magazine