Fatal Flaw Literary Magazine

There are presently no open calls for submissions.

Fatal Flaw is an international online magazine publishing unexpected, topical writing and photography that considers the world through a cracked lens. Show us the fatal flaw and the beauty inherent within it.

We welcome submissions from writers of all backgrounds – from the emerging and unpublished to the established – and especially encourage submissions from those who identify as persons of color, multiracial, indigenous, LGBTQIA+, disabled, and anyone belonging to a community of underrepresented voices. 

Submissions now open - Vol. 6

Submissions period: February 11th to March 20th

Theme: fatal flaw

We are all inherently flawed, each possessed by our own impulses – those undeniable human needs that propel us into action and leave us gratified...or haunted. But there is beauty in that imperfection, and more to be gained in raw honesty than in idealism.

For this issue, in honor of our 2-year anniversary, we are focusing on our namesake: fatal flaw. What ruins a day, a mood, a marriage, a mind? What deep fissures run beneath the surface? What cracks fracture a life, and what light seeps out?

Give us your bold, assaulting imagery, your quietly subversive verse, your fractured storytelling, and your brazen experiments. Show us all the ugly, chaotic, joyful, cringeworthy messiness that encompasses a life. We can't wait to experience it all.

Fatal Flaw Literary Magazine