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Fatal Flaw is an international online magazine publishing unexpected, topical writing and photography that considers the world through a cracked lens. Show us the fatal flaw and the beauty inherent within it.

We welcome submissions from writers of all backgrounds – from the emerging and unpublished to the established – and especially encourage submissions from those who identify as persons of color, multiracial, indigenous, LGBTQIA+, disabled, and anyone belonging to a community of underrepresented voices. 

Fatal Flaw Vol. 4 Theme: Ritual

Our lives are punctuated by ritual. From morning routines and rites of passage, to ceremonies of birth, death, and the moments in between. These rituals create order and reason within ourselves, our circles, and society as a whole. They are learned, inherent. But when you take a closer look at them, they are also...peculiar. Til death do us part is a rather morbid thing to vow at a celebration of love. Singing a national anthem can make you feel like you’re part of something greater, but also rings robotic.

In this issue, we want to break down ritual and pick apart its pieces. What does it represent to an individual and to the collective? What is its purpose? Do these innate practices stave off chaos, or do they at times help incite it? And what happens when ritual is disrupted or, even worse, used as a means to a malevolent end?

Send us your bold, your insidious, your exacting writing, art, and photography—we can’t wait to experience it.

We accept submissions of poetry, fiction, flash fiction, nonfiction, photography, and visual art. For more information on what we look for, please read our full submission guidelines on our website.

Fatal Flaw Literary Magazine